How to make the most of your event day!

Thank you to everyone for being patient while the Rock Challenge® team works to get all events happening on the 2019 tour! With the first 6 shows completed and the team preparing for many more in the coming weeks, we wanted to share with you how to make the most of your event day! So we asked all of our Ambassadors for their advice – here’s what they said!

Learn the crew dance before your event, so you can have the chance to perform during the production meeting!
Don’t take this opportunity to perform for granted – you are given the chance to perform in large venues with all of the professional lighting and sound equipment, so really enjoy your time onstage!
Make the most of working with different people within and without your school!
Don’t get caught up in the competitive aspect of the day, just enjoy yourself!
Dance at every given chance, talk to everyone you come across and live in the moment!

Stage crew
Don’t forget to have a dance about and get involved in the production meetings, remember it’s not all about the performers’ moves!
Don’t be afraid to offer a helping hand to the crew or other teams if they need it, it’ll create some good karma!
Stay focussed on your role with the set but enjoy your time on stage – even if you’re hidden behind set it’s still an adrenalin rush!
Between rehearsals make sure to have some fun – there’s nothing like a good game of ninja!

Adult helpers
Take a moment to see the pride the young people have in their performances, seeing all their hard work and commitment come together is the magic you’re here for!
Support the students from your school and also enjoy seeing what the other teams have been working hard on!
Encourage your students to make friends and support other schools and also try to meet fellow teachers and helpers from the other schools!
Stand back and watch each individual increase their skills in teamwork, performance, creativity, and commitment, whilst having the time of their lives!

Try as many of the skills and jobs on offer as you can!
Get involved on stage at production meetings – there’s loads of fun you can have like making up dances with your fellow vollies, demonstrating an impromptu stage craft performance or modelling merch!
Take the opportunity to see Rock Challenge from the other side and appreciate what all goes on backstage – you’ll be amazed by the hard-working crew!
Go for it!

And the most important lessons that apply to absolutely everyone:
Make sure you meet people from the other schools and make friends!
Put your phone down and live in the moment!
Fully support every team because your hard work and dedication is amazing!

Make loads of memories and have fun!!!

Happy 2019 Tour!!

Beth, Chris, Katy, Ethan, Lara, ChloeKatie x

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