Volunteer Accreditation!

Rock Challenge® events just aren’t possible without the help of the Rock Challenge® volunteers! These are individuals who give up their time to come along on event days and support the crew and the schools to ensure that the day runs smoothly and that everyone is happy! Don’t get me wrong, we also have a blast enjoying coming along to more events so it’s a win for us vollies too!

There are loads of different tasks that a Volunteer can get involved with and once you have done a wide range of tasks, you can be eligible for awards in the Volunteer Accreditation Scheme. This basically sets out all the different tasks you need to be able to do in order to prove that you know your stuff! Plus it’s a great way to reward Volunteers for all their hard work! You can get your Bronze, Silver and Gold pins at the events during the production meetings and as of this year there is now a Platinum level! As you progress through the levels, the jobs have an increasing amount of difficulty and responsibility attached to them but don’t worry, you will always be given any relevant training and information needed to complete the task!

So what do you do?
Bronze – you must complete 4 of these tasks over 2 days
Load In/Load Out (setting up or taking down the venue)
Daytime/Evening Visions Unlimited Video Assistant
Daytime/Evening Stage Hand
Daytime/Evening Production Assistant
Daytime/Evening Runner (making sure schools are in the right place for rehearsal/performance)
Daytime/Evening Merchandise Manager
Welcome Committee
Raffle Team
Award Nomination Collector
Interview Assistant
Liaison Teacher Support
And you must write a 500 word Rock Challenge® related report about your time with Rock Challenge. You can include your Rock Challenge® experience, why you got involved in volunteering, what is was like volunteering and what you would say to someone who was thinking about volunteering next year.

Silver – you must complete every task below with minimal assistance
Interview Coordinator
Production Assistant
Merchandise Manager
Schools Seating Coordinator (if schools are being seating in the auditorium for some of the show or results)
Stage Crew Head Judge
Rehearsal Caller
Load Out Crew
Lead Page (helping the compere, co-hosts, and reps find their way on and off stage safely)
Volunteer Trainer
Script Creator

Gold – To achieve gold you must either train as an Assistant Stage Manager or as a Production Assistant and have completed all of the Bronze and Silver tasks.
You also have to undertake a task to show you’re going Above and Beyond for Rock Challenge®!

Platinum – You must have completed your Bronze, Silver and Gold and then
★ Raise £5,000 for Rock Challenge®
★ Get 5 new teams entered in the events
★ Get 5 new sponsors supporting the events

It can be really exciting to challenge yourself and take on new tasks on event days. Having been awarded Volunteer accreditation can be really useful and an attractive thing to put on your CV or UCAS application to demonstrate your dedication to volunteering!

If you would like to start volunteering, we are still looking for volunteers in Grimsby (Tuesday 12 March), High Wycombe (Tuesday 12 March), Bridlington (Tuesday 5 March), York (Monday 25 March), Stevenage (Monday 25 March, Monday/Tuesday 1 & 2 April), Hull Youth Division (Saturday 18 May)! You won’t regret it!!


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