The Volunteer Diaries: Southern Finals 2019!

So last week we had the amazing Southern Finals in Portsmouth which were all absolutely amazing! Volunteers and Ambassadors Chris and Chloe give us the inside scoop…

To kick start the week we had the Junior JRock™ Finals taking place on the Tuesday & Wednesday. Throughout both days the atmosphere was incredible and every child had a huge smile on their face!
At the start of each day we had so many excited children enter the building buzzing and eager to start their day at Rock Challenge®. From the very first rehearsal each was supporting one another and from my view it was lovely to see this especially a lot of them being at such a young age. That being said, as volunteers, we worked closely with and helped a lot of the Juniors out and so many of them were mature and grown up for their age. This was great to see and it made the day run smoother as they listened and were patient which made our, the rest of crews and all their teachers jobs easier!

The talent from all the schools was outstanding! You could see all the hard work everyone put in, from their costumes to the choreography, and the set to the hair and makeup! Each school gave it their all and we had some amazing performances! All worthy winners but we had Wicor Primary School and Rowner Junior School come out on top!

I think I can say on behalf of all the volunteers and crew, congratulations to all the children and teachers! And thank you for making the experience better for us!

RC love,

Southern Finals as always were a great success. The spirit was high right from the get go. I did fear with a later start would affect the schools’ energy and enthusiasm but I was very much mistaken! All the teams were full of team spirit and excitement. As usual the teams sat to watch each team rehearse and the spirt of Rock Challenge® was working its magic and each of the schools, in both the Open and Premier Finals got an incredible reception from the other teams.

While the teams had the time of their lives dancing with the Rock Challenge® Crew, and screaming their lungs out every time they heard their schools name, the teachers were nervously pacing in the wings to find out their running order draw in the evening show. Each team seemed to be happy with where they would be performing as I can tell from the deafening cheers of excitement. After some more amazing rehearsals, the teachers’ air guitar competition and, of course, lunch, the teams made their way to their dressing rooms to get ready for the evening show. Spirits were still very high as teams were giving each other good luck cards and gifts.

All three of the senior Rock Challenge® Finals were of course incredible successes with some amazingly entertaining and thought provoking pieces. One thing that really highlighted the Spirit of Rock Challenge® for me was that it didn’t seem to phase the schools where they had placed or what awards they had won. They were all in their bubble of excitement and pride for their performance. Congratulations to our winners Wollaston School, The Academy Selsey – The Bridge and Sir Henry Floyd Grammar School!
All in all Southern Finals was  a great experience for all the volunteers, teachers and young people and I can’t wait for the Northern and Scottish Finals later on this summer, and of course returning to the Portsmouth Guildhall for Southern Finals next year!

Chris xx

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