Hope’s Rock Challenge® experience as a student leader

My Rock Challenge® journey began as a performer in my school’s team, however this developed into not only performing but becoming a part of our pupil production team in my senior years of secondary school. I decided I wanted to be more involved with production elements as I had seen pupils before me do so and have so much fun with it.

From personal experience, I have seen first-hand how beneficial it can be to have students at the forefront of production of your school’s Rock Challenge®. The skills pupils can gain from taking a leadership role within the team are invaluable, such as increased self-confidence, communication and teamwork skills – which are all transferable to later walks of life! I definitely didn’t I would have the confidence to lead a large group of my peers, but thanks to the encouragement of my teachers and fellow student leaders, this became reality!

It is not only beneficial for the student leader, but also the pupils they lead! The number of younger pupils I have seen transform from the beginning of a Rock Challenge® year to the end is amazing. Having just left my school’s team, it is so good to see that seeing some of the pupils I taught taking the initiative to have more involvement with this year’s production!

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I would thoroughly encourage anyone who has a passion for the performing arts, or is just really keen to get involved, to go for it!  The pride you feel as a student leader – whether it’s on the performance or production side – when you see the whole piece come together is immense.

My three top tips to successfully lead as a student:

  1. Plan plan plan!
    Sit down with your group of fellow student leaders and your teachers who run your team, and talk through your ideas. You won’t get far without having a clear plan of action for your production.
  2. Work together!
    As cringey as it may sound, teamwork does make the dream work! Motivating one another really helps to create a familial atmosphere in your team.
  3. Have fun!
    Although you are putting on a production and you want it to be the best it possibly can be, it is okay to have fun with it! At times it may be stressful to get things done in small time-frames but think of the bigger picture, and enjoy yourself!


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