Meet the Ambassadors

Rock Challenge® and J Rock™ Ambassadors are champions for the events. They work all year round alongside the Rock Challenge® team support schools across the UK. Being a Rock Challenge® and J Rock™ Ambassador allows you to build a stronger voice with the goal of allowing more young people the opportunity to experience the life-changing events. The Ambassador group assist with vital task throughout the year to ensure the smooth running of the events. They attend the events to assist the event team in the running of the day, liaise with VIP’s, Host the shows and spread the word about what Rock Challenge® is and how to get involved!

Get to know each of our wonderful Rock Challenge® Ambassadors below!

Alan Banner

Alan leapt into the whole Rock Challenge® experience 8 years ago, despite starting tentatively he now enthusiastically takes part in all aspects of Rock Challenge® with his local team Alness Academy and 2 local JRock™ teams. His roles include planning, fundraising, costuming, choreography, soundtrack, lighting and video. Alan looks forward to volunteering at Rock Challenge® events across the UK in 2019 and taking … Continue reading Alan Banner

Anthony Kerr

Anthony has participated in Rock Challenge® since 2014, ever since he started he has enjoyed every aspect. This has motivated him to take on leadership roles in regards to his team’s stage crew, and also designing set. Anthony has utilised his Rock Challenge® experience to gain the relevant grades required to be accepted onto an Architectural … Continue reading Anthony Kerr

Beth Ackroyd

This is Beth’s seventh year being involved in Rock Challenge®. She has performed, choreographed, student lead, chaperoned and volunteered at various events. Beth is studying Dance at University, whilst also being a dance teacher, Dance for Parkinson’s volunteer and was a 2017/2018 One Dance UK Ambassador, roles which have been influenced by an increase in confidence and drive which Rock Challenge® has contributed towards. Beth can’t wait to continue her role as … Continue reading Beth Ackroyd

Bobby Holmes

Bobby started his Rock Challenge® journey, assisting the back stage team for his school in 2006. He then progressed onto leading the stage crew, designing and building sets, costumes and organising all back stage elements for his schools productions. Not wanting to leave the Rock Challenge® family, Bobby opted to volunteer at his local event for … Continue reading Bobby Holmes

Callum Anderson

After beginning his Rock Challenge® experience as a performer in 2011 at his school and continuing further as a volunteer, 2019 marks Callum’s 9th year with Rock Challenge®. His experience stems through various areas such as choreography, costume, set design, lighting, make up and soundtrack. Callum is now at University studying Medicine and believes his … Continue reading Callum Anderson

Chelsea Powe

Chelsea has been involved with Rock Challenge® for 10 years. From performing to being involved with costume making, hair and makeup and set design. She travels all over the country, from Carlisle as far as Aberdeen and Portsmouth to attend events. She can’t wait to reunite with all her Rock Challenge® friends and to see what performances are … Continue reading Chelsea Powe

Chelsey Grooby

This year Chelsey will be involved with her 9th Rock Challenge®, having joined in secondary school. She’s currently studying Education at university, meaning that whilst enjoying her time with Rock Challenge®, she gains invaluable experience working with young people outside of a mainstream setting. Throughout her time engaging with the charity she has performed, worked on lighting, assisted … Continue reading Chelsey Grooby

Chloe Jarvis

2019 will be Chloe’s 6th year involved in Rock Challenge®. With having performed with her local school for the first two, not only had she performed but also done the choreography costume and set design with her time at the school. Chloe has just finished her degree in Musical Theatre at University of Portsmouth, she’s … Continue reading Chloe Jarvis

Chris Williams

Chris is very excited to be returning to the Ambassador team for 2019. This will be his 9th year of being involved. He has been to many events from as far north Aberdeen and as southern as Bournemouth in his years involved. He loves the whole spirit of Rock Challenge and the madness and excitement … Continue reading Chris Williams

Emma Marshall

Emma first got involved in Rock Challenge® when her school was looking for an extra adult to help supervise at event day. One day at Rock Challenge® and she was hooked. Soon she became her school’s liaison teacher, a role she has continued with when moving to a new school. Volunteering has taken her to … Continue reading Emma Marshall

Ethan James

Ethan started his Rock Challenge® journey as a performer back in 2012. As he got older, he gradually became involved in the production process at his school and a local JRock™ Team; helping with choreography, costume & set design, lighting, soundtrack and face painting. As someone who loves to help, he now shares his skills … Continue reading Ethan James

Florence Gill

For the past six years Florence Gill has been involved in Rock Challenge®, initially as participant and Leader for her school’s entry, now as a Volunteer and Ambassador. Since first getting involved she has volunteered; teaching drama, helping with various charities, working as a technician at a theatre and a community radio, and raising awareness … Continue reading Florence Gill

Hope Ross

Hope has participated in Rock Challenge® for 6 years, performing with her school’s team. Hope has also been heavily involved with several aspects of production regarding her team’s recent performances, such as choreography, drama, producing the soundtrack and creating the theme. September will see her commencing a degree in Events Management at Queen Margaret University, and by volunteering … Continue reading Hope Ross

Karen Mackay

Karen has been involved with Rock Challenge® for over 10 years. She has had many roles within Rock Challenge® over those years from leading her schools Stage Crew to becoming a volunteer, Regional Representative and is now an Ambassador. Karen believes Rock Challenge® is such an amazing experience as it provides so many positive experiences … Continue reading Karen Mackay

Katie Daniel

2019 will mark Katie’s 10th year of involvement with Rock Challenge®. She has not only performed with her own school, but also got involved with choreography costume and set design, make up, video direction and has been volunteering at many events since 2013. Katie is now studying Marketing and Events Management at University, a subject influenced by her … Continue reading Katie Daniel

Katy Bowman

Katy has been involved with Rock Challenge® for 10 years. She competed with her local school from 2008-2011 and then continued to volunteer for the team when she left school and has since been involved with costume making, hair and make-up and set design. She has travelled up and down the country attending events from … Continue reading Katy Bowman

Lara Simpson

2019 will be Lara’s 8th year involved in Rock Challenge®. She has performed in her schools Rock Challenge® for 6 of those years, also getting involved with choreography, set painting and lending a hand to other senior and junior teams along the way. 2018 was Lara’s first year volunteering at 3 events and knew it … Continue reading Lara Simpson

Linzi Grimwood

Linzi had been involved with Rock Challenge® for 11 years. She began performing with her school between 2006-2011 getting involved in all aspects of creating the performance from concept to set design and then started to volunteer in 2012  before taking a break to study at university and returning to volunteer again in 2016. Linzi … Continue reading Linzi Grimwood

Lisa Whitton

Lisa first became involved in Rock Challenge® over 20 years ago, when she was part of the team at Humberside Police who introduced the event to the area alongside BYB Foundation Director Mervyn Bishop. She has been a champion of Rock Challenge® ever since, supporting local events, working with schools, businesses and encouraging wider communities … Continue reading Lisa Whitton

Owen Broomfield

Owen is super excited to once again be returning as a Rock Challenge® Ambassador for 2019. This will be Owen’s 6th year involved in Rock Challenge® which is a big achievement and he hopes to carry on for many more years. Owen began his Rock Challenge® journey back in 2014 with his school as part … Continue reading Owen Broomfield

Paige McKillop

Paige has been involved in Rock Challenge® for 4 years and each year has shown her different aspects of Rock Challenge®, all of which she has enjoyed. Having been a dancer, part of the school production team, a volunteer and now, again, an Ambassador she has seen the many opportunities that Rock Challenge® can offer … Continue reading Paige McKillop

Poppy Harvey

Poppy has been a part of Rock Challenge® since 2014 and has thoroughly enjoyed every moment. Rock Challenge® has pushed her to engage with a whole variety of new people, some of which she maintains strong, lifelong friendships with. Within her team, she was motivated to take on an active leadership role during her final … Continue reading Poppy Harvey

Rachael Pickles

Rachael’s first Rock Challenge event was as a performer in 2004 alongside her twin sister Sarah. Since then she’s done everything from dancing, to helping her school with sets, fundraising and going to other Rock Challenge® events to help sell programmes in the evening! It wasn’t until 2009 when she left for university that she did … Continue reading Rachael Pickles

Sarah Pickles

Sarah first started her Rock Challenge® journey in 2004 (performing as a tree with Thornton Grammar School) with her first year as a volunteer in 2009. (Although selling programmes on show nights in Bradford long before that!) She’s usually found at Northern heats and the Northern Prems volunteering/running with her twin sister Rachael (if you’ve … Continue reading Sarah Pickles

Shaun Ryan

Shaun is from Portsmouth on the South Coast of England. 2018 was his seventh year being a part of the Rock Challenge® family! He became a part of this amazing family in 2012 after watching the Southern Premier final where he was just blown away with the amount of talent displayed on stage and knew from there that … Continue reading Shaun Ryan

Steven Stoddart

This is Steven’s 20th year involved with Rock Challenge®, after his first event performing in Bradford 2000. Since then he has been involved in multiple aspects of Rock Challenge® life, enjoying and focusing on the backstage technical side, building sets, lighting, soundtracks, costumes and Assistant Stage Managing some events helping out the Rock Challenge® crew. Steven … Continue reading Steven Stoddart

William Bragg

Will has been participating in Rock Challenge® for 2 years and has enjoyed every moment of it. Will has had several roles within his school’s team which include working with the backstage crew, creating the team’s soundtrack and helping to create the set. Rock Challenge® gave will the opportunity to meet new people which he still maintains a strong connection … Continue reading William Bragg